Further to researching the Shakti and Shiva devices as introduced in the set of videos that can be viewed below, I proceeded with purchasing the Shiva Neural Stimulation device (aka “Octopus”) from author and researcher Todd Murphy.

hatMr. Murphy has proven to be extremely available for support and information exchanges both before and after the purchase, and the item was shipped very quickly. What one gets is a set of wires, a couple of CDs with the software and some Velcro wraps. For my own convenience and as can be seen on the main picture, I went into making my own bonnet to facilitate its usage. The Shiva device is the most comprehensive item from the ones that can be found on the manufacturer’s website (www.shaktitechnology.com), and it can be declined into all others found on it. It does require some setup and the latter needs to be covered every time the device is about to be used – after a few runs this becomes second nature and its purpose is well undertstood.

Shakti and Shiva neural stimulation devices are based on the work of Dr Michael Persinger on psychic skills and spiritual experiences, and specifically, the Koren helmet – or otherwise known as “God helmet”, due to some subjects experiencing visions of God under its influence. And yes, the Shiva stimulator comes with the software and hardware required to reproduce this scenario.

The software contains comprehensive information on the research and subsequent theorisation of both mystical experiences and psychic capabilities, which allegedly correspond to different phenomena and different parts of the brain put in action. A comprehensive set of brain based signals is provided so that one can experiment with them in an attempt to either induce altered states of consciousness or expand the range of one psychic abilities.

I would qualify this device as outstanding, so long as the user understands that it doesn’t do all on its own: altered states of consciousness depend heavily on set and setting and on the personal disposition of the user, and provided both are “right”, then the Shiva device will greatly facilitate and enhance those altered states.

Psychic abilities require the disruption of the “binding factor”, a 40 Hz signal that can be captured in EEG while in waking consciousness and during REM sleep. The Shiva device does this very well and it allows consciousness to reach into spaces and regions mostly inaccessible during waking experience – but then all is dependent on the user’s developed skills: if there are none, breaking the binding factor will be a little of use, bar using it to enhance the learning and acquisition of psychic skills, which is outside of the scope of this product. Another way of escaping the binding factor is by entering deep theta states and being able to operate from those, which is a state also induced by the Shiva device – and here again the set, setting and individual dispositions make it or break it.

I warmly recommend the use of this device to those who have an interest aligned with what it can bring; in my view, it is worth every penny it costs.

May 2015 update:

The text above is a repost of an old post I wrote back in August of 2013. Two years later I stand by each and every word I wrote at the time, and I have pursued my use of this device in ways that are unique to me, and therefore outside of the scope of a review. Let me just say that I am completely satisfied with it.

If I have chosen to maintain this post on-line after changing the course of my own website, it is solely to support this rare instance of a quality product that remains widely unknown, and to help those researching it make a mind and an opinion of their own.


Frans Hagiel

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